Eclectic Whimsical Home

This family home in the heart of Greenwich was headed up by designers Chloe, Athina & Danielle. The brief, was ‘whimsical eclectic’ and incorporated many of the clients existing pieces like art work, accessories & dining chairs. We renovated the floors, re-painted, re-furnished and re-sprayed the kitchen as well as including a new splash back and banquette dining area.

Project Candy 2
Project Candy 5
interior design project
DSC_0214_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0202_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0178_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0185_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0177_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0166_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0153_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0149_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0141_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0088_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0112_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0105_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0030_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0025_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0039_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0050_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
Project Candy cat interiors
DSC_0075_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0139_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0137_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0130_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0124_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0121_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0117_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB
DSC_0008_22.11.17_TOPOLOGY_103 HUMBER RD_WEB