Pati’s Eclectic Interior Design

For this house tour we speak to Pati who genuinely has one of the most visually stimulating and amazing homes. Think dark rich colours mixed with bright pops of colour and eccentric items. Read what Pati has to say about her home and how it came about. She speaks about the inspiration behind it and her top tips for creating a unique home. Abigail Ahern eat your heart out!

Our Interview With The Homeowner:

Did you have any ideas or specific inspiration before you started?

To be honest with you I’m the type of a person that just “goes with the flow and hopes for the best” – when the walls got so dark I just decided to add few pops of colour to make all the art and accessories pop , so the space won’t look so moody. I also love Abigail Ahern’s style – and she was my inspiration to go darker

What’s your advice for someone who wants to decorate their home in a similar style to yours?

Stop worrying what others might think or say when you mention to them that you want to cross to the dark side! Don’t furnish or decorate to please others. It is your home, you live in it and it should make you smile the moment you come through the front door . Display all your favourite accessories art and things you like.This will make your space so much more personal.

What’s your favourite thing that you’ve done to the flat?

Laying geometric tiles that I found on gumtree in the hallway – our hallway is just over a meter long so adding a bold statement made the space more cooler. Also my second hand chesterfield chair that was red and in need of TLC got given a new lease of life with a help of a black leather stain.