Natalie’s Barn Conversion

Take our hand and let us tour you around West Sussex as we show you one of the most beautiful properties we’ve featured yet. It’s an incredibly light and airy converted barn and former dairy farm. The owner, Natalie, has spent the last 5 years trying to add character and charm back into the property and we think you’ll agree that she’s done an amazing job. It’s no wonder she’s racked up a 16k following on her Instagram page (@laid_back_farmhouse).

Our Interview With Natalie The Owner:

What’s the inspiration behind the design?

The sea and France  – I grew up on the Suffolk coast, so my heart will always go to a weathered, pale look. We spent every family holiday exploring the South of France so I associate that with family and beautiful memories. Anything rustic and French, I’m in love with.

What’s your favourite spot in the home and why?

My bedroom – a full moon is perfectly framed in the sky light and I lay in bed and stare at the stars which mesmerise me.