Monika’s Mid-Century House

We’ve spoken to Monika Martin, an artist, designer and maker who loves anything mid-century modern. Who doesn’t? So if you like clean line Danish furniture,  fluffy textures and light interiors, this one’s for you.

Our Interview With The Homeowner:

Tell us about your living situation?

I live in a two story colonial home, located in D.C. metropolitan area, with my husband, two sons (10 and 12) and a dog. It’s still under renovation!

What was the design process behind your home??

We have inherited and upcycled a few pieces of furniture from 1950-60. Our style is considered to be mid-century modern which we absolutely love. The most important thing for us, is the atmosphere in our home, togetherness and having  completely relaxed evenings where everyone can unwind and get ready for the next day. The lifestyle or philosophy is called “hygge” in Danish but I just call it “getting cozy with people you love by the candle light”.

What’s your favourite spot in the home and why?

My favorite spot is my comfy chair in the living room where I can read and see everyone enjoying themselves.

What’s the inspiration behind your home?

I am inspired by my own curiosities and my travels. Traveling boosts my creativity, so it’s crucial for me to either go places with my lovely husband or preferably entire family. I always combine my business trips with pleasure and explore new places.