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Malcolm’s Scottish House Tour

Art lecturer Malcolm invites us into his 3 bedroom terraced Aberdeen home, which he bought in 2014, for this Scottish house tour. Having grown up in a house where something was always being decorated or made (his dad built his own furniture & mum sewed her own curtains), Malcolm claims there hasn’t been a day where he hasn’t planned something to make or somewhere to decorate. A few years later after buying his home, Malcolm plucked up the courage to start a blog ‘Designsisxtynine‘. The blog has grown from strength to strength and he’s now an award winning blogger. Have a scroll down here first to have a snoop inside.

Our Interview With The Homeowner:

What’s the design process behind your home?

Number 69 is still very much a work in progress! The minute I viewed the house, I knew the style I wanted for the living room. I’m very much inspired by Parisian apartments, and I knew the proportions would lend themselves well to some of the features that I adored. The big fireplace and huge over-mantel mirror, a herringbone floor and a huge antique rug. When I plan a room, there is usually an object or a piece of furniture or textile that I start of with. In this case, I already had the vintage Turkish rug. As an artist I take every opportunity to draw, so I quite often do a full colour rendering of the room, as I envisage it finished. I used to do this for my own enjoyment, but have found that it’s a great way to show my blog followers, what my intentions are. The decision to Ikea-hack a wall-hung shelving unit has to be the biggest success of the house so far. It takes a lot for me to say that I’m proud of my own work, but this turned out exactly as I had planned and works so well aesthetically and practically.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Although Pinterest is a big source of inspiration, I prefer to look in less obvious places. Sadly, I think books now fall in to that category. I love old design books. My parents have a few Readers Digest DIY manuals and I still love looking through those. Lots of retro furniture, quite often set in big old Victorian houses. I love that eclectic mix.

If you could only own one homeware item, what would it be?

Cushions! Its my one vice. I have an attic full of cushions that may never see the light of day again. Cushions can so easily transform a space, for very little money. I currently have about ten that I have my eye on.

Photo Credit: Malcolm Bragg