Lucy’s Woodland Nursery

We’re taking you on an adventure into the magical woodland nursery of baby Morris. Created by new parents Lucy & Lee, this room is a nursery to kick all other nurseries out of the park. Say goodbye to those overdone bright coloured Scandi kids rooms with painted triangle mountains. Yes, enter a new nursery style that’s sure to become wildly popular with those wanting to create something more special and unique. This mythical, etherial & cosy room shows you that a nursery doesn’t have to be sterile or gender assigned.

Our Interview With The Homeowner:

What’s the design process behind the nursery?

The practical tasks were done first, such as having the walls freshly plastered, sanding the floor, and wiring in an extra light from the ceiling. The theme was decided straight away and knew we wanted ombré walls. We didn’t know at that point if we were having a boy or a girl, plus we both dislike gender specific nurseries, so we went for greens for the colour theme. I ended up painting the three colours in blocks and then used sponges to blend the areas where the colours merged. Then we painted the ceiling in the darkest colour and I flicked paint to create the effect of a night sky with stars.

Where do you find your inspiration?

We live in a 150 year old cottage on a mountain right next to an ancient woodland. The outdoors is a  mutual love for us both, so we knew straight away, (without even discussing it!) that the nursery couldn’t be anything other than a woodland theme. It was decided that we wanted it to feel like a nocturnal, magical woodland. We wanted it to look quite dark and with our mutual love of antiques, the furniture was never going to be new! 

What’s your top tip for creating a nursery?

Personally, we did our best to make Morris’ nursery ‘not’ look like a typical nursery! We wanted it to have a dark & moody feel rather than the usual clean lines, white furniture, bright colours that most nurseries have. I think our top tip would be to think about the details. For example, the loft hatch is in Morris’ room, so rather than paint it the same colour as the ceiling to try & make it disappear, we made a feature of it by making it look like a window. I painted a blue sky, trees & elves looking down into the room on it as if there was another world through the window in the night sky. We wanted everything we did in there to spark Morris’ imagination.

Photo Credit: Marie Palbom