Lucy’s Eclectic Space

In this house tour we’ll make you swoon. Think rich, deep hues to make Abigail Ahern drool. We spoke to the lovely Lucy – an interior stylist – whose juggling an interiors business with a busy family life as a mum of three. Her business ‘Make Me Loved’ started as a project up cycling furniture giving pieces a new lease of life. It’s now though, turned into commissions and interior design projects. She also writes a blog about interiors and how to help make your space loved. When you take a look at her home, you’ll definitely want to get some of her advice.

Our Interview With The Homeowner:

What was the process for designing your home?

The design process behind our home has evolved organically.  The renovation started out of a need for more space.  Having triplets meant we rapidly out grew our old house and longed to be able to make a long-term family home.  It was a derelict renovation project that took exactly a year.  We extended the house, doubling it in size.  Initially it was all painted white and slowly as time allowed and my taste and confidence has grown it has turned into something a little more dramatic with moodier colours.

How would you define your style?

I often think of it as a bit of everything I like, but I guess I’m always drawn to tradition with a rustic/glamorous spin! Always with something a little unexpected!  Our home is completely not what you would expect.  From the outside, it looks like a modest stone front farmhouse and inside it is so far from quaint, farmhouse style!

Whats the inspiration behind your home?

My inspiration comes from everywhere, from the bones of the house itself, to the outdoors! Living in the countryside means the seasons are much more obvious and the view from my kitchen window is largely a lot of grey sky with pops of colour from the planted fields around – much like my kitchen design at the moment! Ultimately the most important factor for me when designing any room or corner is that it is comfortable and inviting.  Making a space where people want to sit and linger is always a priority!

Photo Credit: Georgia Burns