Kelly’s Kansas Ranch Tour

We’re going to show you around a ranch in Wichita, Kansas – that’s Kelly’s home. We’ve never seen a house with so much character. Every inch of this home is covered in Kelly’s personality and her confidence to decorate in the style she likes, not what the trends decide. So what can we learn from Kelly? It’s sometimes too easy for us to think ‘I want my home to look like that one’ or ‘I want it to be Scandi’, but you should decorate your home using pieces that communicate YOU and make you feel good. I’ve never met Kelly but I can tell what she’s like just by looking at her home! So, who’s cares if something isn’t on trend? If it makes you feel good, keep it. That’s what Kelly did, and look how beautiful her home turned out…

Our Interview With The Homeowner:

What was the inspiration behind your home?

That’s a hard question to answer because I didn’t seek inspiration from a certain look, time period, place or magazine. If I’m being honest Estate Sales were my inspiration. What was selling now at Estate sales and what I could afford began the rabbit hole of my decor journey.

What was the design process of your home?

The process was simple- I bought what I loved and could afford. It all trickled from there. It was a natural grass roots kind of process if I really think about it. When we bought our home my husband and I had just gone from dual salaries to me staying home with our daughter while I was pregnant with our second daughter. It was a huge shock to go from renting on two salaries to owning a home on one salary. I was very strategic with our big purchases so I was able to have fun with the decor. We chose to invest in our sofas and purchase from place we knew would have well made pieces that would last the test of time.

What’s your best advice for creating a home like yours?

Be a smart shopper! Don’t design your home based on what’s “on trend” buy what YOU LOVE and take your time. If I would have had the money to go out and buy whatever I wanted when we bought our home I would have ended up with a cookie cutter look and I never would have found my style. It took time to piece the house together and I was able to do it with pieces that each have a story.

Photo Credit: Alison Moore Photography