Design Soda’s Home Tour

Welcome to the home of the original intrepid explorer, or perhaps more commonly known as Design Soda aka Ruth Matthews. Ruth is an award-winning interiors blogger. The person behind the name is freelance stylist and writer whose home takes you around a journey across different eras. Each room has its own vibe and styling from different time periods and every corner is packed with carefully selected ornaments and artefacts. From a colonial style living room to a block coloured blue bathroom to 1930s’ furniture, this house has it all. If you want your home to have personality, take tips from this one. Have a look inside!

Our Interview With The Homeowner:

Where do you find your inspiration?

The inspiration behind our home is really varied. We live in a fairly average three-bedroom house which has quite small rooms (but high ceilings) which has given me the freedom to set the mood of different styles in each space. I love how each room has a different vibe and styling from different eras.

What was the design process of your home?

The design process of our home has been a combination of quick cosmetic changes with things like wall colour to more planned design, which has taken longer to evolve. When we moved into our new home I had a list of things I really wanted to change, but some things became more urgent than others. For example, the fairly neutral bathroom we inherited turned out to have a pretty major plumbing problems and became the most urgent makeover (and budget stealer) within the first month. The newest part of the design process in this house has been paying more careful attention to practical issues like storage. Now that we are a family, function has become a lot more important in our home design.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to create a home like yours?

Spend most time thinking about the colours that inspire you – those that make you feel happy, cosy, sociable or peaceful. Ignore trends which can feel impersonal, and use your chosen shades as base notes to your design. I like to incorporate the natural world within my home, from natural history objects and plants to natural materials and paint with natural pigments. I like to feel my home’s link to the outside world, and I would recommend this approach to anyone.

Photo Credit : Ruth Matthews