Pillow Talk: Mairi's Bedroom Decor

some walls are red, some walls are blue, lets get lost in Mairi's bold hues

It’s the second episode of our ‘Pillow Talk’ series where we chat to homeowners about their bedroom designs. If you missed it, last time we spoke to Diane last time about her epic gold and pink bedroom with marble effect mural – catch up here.  This week though, we get up close and personal with Mairi, an award winning fabric designer based in Edinburgh. Her bold designs are created using influences from her Scottish surroundings, producing abstract surface pattern designs with a luxury fine art vibe. We think you’ll get the feel of her designs when you see her incredible bedroom design…


bedroom decor

Was there a planning process behind the design?

I’m always a fan of mood boards and creating a concept board and ideas board before embarking on a room makeover, so there were plenty of those! Lots of paint colour choices and thoughts on furniture style. I knew that I wanted to feature my fine art pink thistle wallpaper and so the colours were chosen based around this design.

bedroom decor

What was the inspiration behind the room?

My surrounding outdoor landscapes are hugely influential in my print designs. I’m influenced by the colours and textures that surround me and design from my photographic portfolio of Scotland to create abstract surface pattern prints. I love creating a splash of colour and enjoy playing with pattern and layers to create original textiles for interiors.

bedroom decor ideas

Did you have any different ideas/ plans for the bedroom?

Yes we had a few ideas that we considered. We were thinking of using my fine art pink thistle velvet fabric to upholster a bed head instead of using the wallpaper, still an idea I toil with! We also had a lot of debate over the choice of paint colour for the walls. One idea was to paint in a harmonising ochre and pick up the golden hues in the wallpaper. Instead we went for the complete opposite and headed straight in for a deep blue!! I do like blue colours in the bedroom though and pleased we went for a bold blue in the end – it helps to lift the pinks from my textile and wallpaper pink thistle design!

bedroom decor

What’s your top tip for creating the perfect bedroom?

Be true to yourself! Don’t be afraid to do something a little daring! Find the confidence to be brave and bold with colour – if it doesn’t work the first time then you can just paint over it! Consider dark colours for small rooms – it can be particularly great for a bedroom to help create a cosy space in which you can retreat!
bedroom decor

Check out Mairi’s Instagram hereand her website here

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