Hi everyone – Athina taking over the blog today. You may or may not know that I moved into a new flat in South West London around April and as the weather got hotter and hotter I knew I had to get my garden / patio transformed. When you see the before pics below you’ll understand..So I actually managed to get it done pretty quickly and all for under £500 however when I saw Olivia Silk’s outdoor cinema (aka Lust Living) I just knew I had to push back getting this post live so I could shamefully jump on the outdoor cinema vibe and do it myself too. Also should say thank you to Laurie from @lifeofaninteriorstylist who’s boyfriend bought her an outdoor cinema screen too and it was her who gave me the idea first! So you wanna see my humble patio transformation? Scroll on down..




 As I rent I unfortunatly can’t go pulling these up, however we did use a jethose and omg, mums are right –  it genuinely is “the most fun you can have with your clothes on“. It literally blew the dirt away from all nooks and crannies and gave the patio tiles an instant facelift. We used a ‘Kacher’ and it took us around 3 hours to do. 



Outdoor door sofas can be expensive, especially if you want good quality ones so trying to find something that wasn’t going to break the bank but also take up a good amount of space was a challenge. For me personally I wasn’t looking to buy something that’s going to stand the test of time as this isn’t my forever home so I thought if I can grab one for under £500 it would do the job. Eventually I found one I liked from Argos and despite the encouraging 2* review it had, I really liked the style of it and decided to chance it. 

Turns out it’s absolutely perfect and the bad review is due to people not reading the instructions properly thus mis-assembling it making it unstable. Once you understand how to connect it all together you’ll realise it’s a bargain at £399 (plus mine was in the sale at £250!). Plus this one came with 2x ottomans and a coffee table, so it was a no brainer..link to buy at the bottom of this post. 



What does every outdoor makeover need? Hurricane lanterns, cushions, plant pots, garden tool storage  and more recently – an outdoor rug. Commencing accessory search…Wayfair, One.World and Max & Melia were my go to’s…


When it comes to fun lighting it’s all about Lights4Fun –  there’s literally no one else I ever turn to! I opted for 2 sets of festoon lights to go along the trellis and 4 x sets of fairy lights to create the canopy over the top which you’ll see at the bottom of the post with the outdoor cinema pictures. 

From left to right:
1. Argos L Shape Sofa, £399 | 2. Lights4Fun Festoon Lights, £20 | 3. Max & Melia Buddha Head Planter, £35 | 4. One.World Granville Unit, £35  | 5. Max & Melia Macrame Plant Hanger, £9 | 6. Gardening Express Lemon Tree, £24.99 | 7. Wayfair Outdoor Rug, £40  | Homebase Various Sized Terracotta Pots, From 95p |  9 . H&M Home Cushion Cover, £8.99 | 10. Wayfair 3 Piece Lantern Set, £57.99 |Denby Plates £40 for 4



patio garden makeover
patio garden makeover

More shots from another day with some different accessories…


patio garden makeover

Number of arguments had whilst putting the screen up


1.  A projector

2. A portable projector screen

3. Speakers 

3. Neighbours that don’t mind you watching The Avengers at night 

4. A willing friend to help you put it all together 

5. Outdoor socket or long 5m extension lead 


Projector wise, I went for the same one Lust Living went for, which is the Optima ML330 projector – I got my boyfriend (whose tech savvy) to work out what the best one was and we liked this one as it’s super portable (it has a carry case, is very compact and is really light weight) and you can change the screen ratio so it stretches up to a viewing size of 100 inches – a grower and a shower! I’d highly recommend it. 

We used portable mini speakers from MADE.com which I already owned and they worked perfectly! As for the screen we debated for a long time which one to get but we got one from Amazon for on £24.99. 


patio garden makeover
patio garden makeover
patio garden makeover

I hope you’ve liked this post – if you have any questions about the outdoor cinema experience or accessories I used, please do get in touch. None of these products are advertisments and I have not been paid to do this.  Most of the products in this post were bought by myself apart from the fairy lights, rug, lanterns and projector which were kindly gifted to me. 

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