5 Interior Tips That Could Save You Money

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If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that here at Topology we’re centred around affordability, saving money and doing things on the cheap. But equally we want to show you how not to skimp on the important stuff and that great style doesn’t have to be expensive. Having worked in the interiors industry for a few years now, both commercial and residential, we’ve seen so many people experience interior hiccups and know how detrimental they can be cost wise, and style wise. We’re talking sofas turning blue to pink due to UV damage, to large furniture orders not fitting in homes costing hundreds to be shipped back. It’s problems like these which can hinder a home’s progress in getting finished, and cause a big dent in the purse strings. So let us enlighten you with these 5 tips and hopefully you might save yourself a shit load of stress a pound or two in the process.

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Measure your entry doors to ensure that any furniture you’ve ordered is going to fit. Think about sofas in particular – are they too wide to fit through your door? If so, think about ways in which you can work around this. Can you opt for a modular sofa instead? Get a specialist to cut it in half? Take your door frame off? Think about the costs involved and implications incase something won’t fit. 

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Measure your skirting boards! This one is coming from experience. Yep, a friend once forgot to measure the skirting boards when buying a chest of drawers. So after waiting almost a month for it, it turned up..and didn’t fit. With a hacksaw, she had to ruin one side of the drawers to make it fit as it was non-returnable. Moral of the story – that sexy drinks trolley may not fit snugly in your alcove if you haven’t measured the pesky skirting boards…

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Skirting boards, ceilings, entry doors and tight corners should all be measured before any substantial delivery takes place.

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This is especially important if you are having big bits of furniture delivered and you’ve already had the walls painted, the floor down and new light fittings in. In case the delivery team cause damage – perhaps scrapes on the floor, or scuff marks on the wall that aren’t your fault, you’ll want evidence to show the retailer / delivery supplier before and afterwards. We’ve been caught in the middle of nasty disputes before and it’s not pleasant…or cheap. 

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Yes that sofa may be pretty but is it practical? Think about what your buying and whether that fabric will be durable enough for what you need it for. E.g. will you have some upholstered items exposed to a lot of natural daylight? If so, you may want a more artificial fabric that keeps its colour longer. Or do you want a fabric that’s cat scratch proof? Something with a tight weave, like a velvet, which is hard for them to get their claws under would be best. Speak to the retailer and ask them ‘how many rubs’ their fabrics are. Anything over 25,000 is suitable for heavy domestic use and therefore great for furniture that’s going to get a lot of friction (perhaps a bed wink wink..). 

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Speak to the retailer and ask them ‘how many rubs’ their fabrics are. Anything over 25,000 is suitable for heavy domestic use

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Have you asked the retailer key questions that apply to you, so you know what to expect on delivery day. For example, you may have ordered a sofa but are they ensured / willing to take it up more than 2 – 3 flights of stairs? Will you get charged a fee if it arrives and doesn’t fit on the day? (Re-stocking fees can be expensive). Do they accept returns and if so what are the T’s & C’s? Simple questions but ones worth considering. Think about potential issues and then ask the retailer what their solution would be if it had to come to play.  



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