Ikea Vs. Tom Dixon: The Delaktig Collaboration

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Over here at Topology HQ, we were really excited to hear that British designer Tom Dixon OBE is collaborating with Swedish furniture giant and family fave – IKEA! If you know anything about Tom Dixon you’ll know that his own designs are sleek, cutting edge & unique. They can however be extremely pricey – for example his pestle and mortar retails at around £155! His light fittings too, can be in the thousands. So when we heard IKEA was teaming up with him to create stylish yet affordable furniture – we got giddy. Launching in Feb 2018, let us tell you a bit more about it…

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Their new product range called DELAKTIG (Swedish for ‘involvement’) focuses on challenging design conventions through industrial production techniques. It promises to give us a modern living solution for our changing daily lives. Think modular furniture and simple designs.

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 The aluminium framed armchairs, sofas and chaises are modular and can be mixed and matched together, creating a “platform for living” which suits you and your home. This means layouts can be changed, added, removed etc, which is great to the ever changing designer in us. It also makes furniture a lot easier to get into your property if you have tight access.

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If that isn’t versatile enough, Tom, Ikea and over 75 design students from across the globe, will also be creating a range of accessories which can be combined in multiple ways. Lamps, armrests, tables and backrests can be positioned pretty much anywhere across the whole product range to suit you and your space.

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Stylish, functional and affordable?! How can we not be impressed with that! Do let us know your thoughts on the collection by adding your comments below – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

All pictures courtesy of IKEA.


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