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Forget Tiles – Here’s How To Do Tadelakt Plaster

When we first stumbled across Tadelakt in a friends home a few years ago, we were instantly fascinated. Originating from ancient Morocco, Tadelakt Plaster is the latest must-have waterproof material. Replacing the need for tiles in areas like kitchens or bathrooms, it’s taking the interiors industry by storm! 

Originally used by Moroccan Berbers’ to waterproof cisterns and drinking vessels, it’s now a contemporary substitute for waterproof materials. Due to its earthy and polished concrete-esq appearance, Tadelakt is growing in popularity. Laura Jackson is a recent convert & we predict Abigail Ahern will make it go mainstream! Abigail mentioned to us at a recent event she’s going to use it in her bathroom – so you heard it here first! Whether you want to decorate your bathroom walls, kitchen splash-back or shower walls etc, you’ll want tot know how to do Tadelakt plaster in your home, so read below.

What’s so good about Tadelakt?

Some of the reasons people are falling in love with Tadelakt is because of it’s seamless appearance. It’s somewhat relaxing and similar to plaster, or polished concrete. Unlike tiles where you have prominent grouting, with this plaster you’re instead given a sense of fluidity and consistency. Best of all though, it’s completely waterproof and resistant to mould!

Are there colour options?

Yes! One of the great joys about Tadelakt is that you can choose on a multitude of colours. Pigmented hues are available to be mixed in with the plaster. What options are available will depend on the specialist you choose to install it. Companies like Tadelakt London offer a range of earthy hues right through to more bolder options.

Are there any downsides?

Depending on what you’re budget is, it can be quite expensive at around £125 per sqm. Additionally, over time it can crack. However with some low maintenance of applying a soap solution to it (as instructed by your specialist) you can prevent this from occurring. Some people actually like the cracks as it adds to the texture of the material! So this to some may not be a drawback.


How can you get it installed?

Try Tadelakt London who will be able to help you install this amazing material.

Feature photo from Tadelakt London.

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