How To Adorn Your Walls For Under £150

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Here at Topology we design a lot of clients homes and one of the most popular queries we hear is how people can decorate their walls on a budget. From galleries walls to oversized individual pieces, we’re here to tell you that A) it is possible and B) we can help you do it. You may or may not be surprised to learn that recommending art to clients is really tricky – mostly because art is hugely subjective. What one person loves, another could hate. So in light of that, we tend to recommend art sizes, colours and retailers to our clients, but leave the actual designs to their own personal choice.

One of our favourite brands to turn to for posters and artwork is DeSenio. We’re forever trailing through their website and being inspired by people uploading pics of their prints on the gram. So when they got in touch with Athina because they liked her home – we just new a collab had to happen. In this post we’ll be sharing with your our favourite pieces and talking about how you can decorate your room with art for less than £150. And guess what…there’s even more in it for you guys too. If you want a clue – two words – discount code.

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Three things you should think about before purchasing art work..

1. The Existing Colours In Your Room

2. How Much Space You Want To Take Up

3.  What Mood You Want To Create

Artwork has a drastic impact on all spaces – it can steal the show by caputuring the eyes attention first, so it’s not something to overlook. Thus, when you’re choosing art work see if you can pick a piece that incorporates the existing colours in your room scheme already. E.g. if you’ve got greys and blues in your space, find something that uses different hues of those colours (or at the very least colours that will compliment them). You don’t want the space to feel uncordinated, rather you want it to flow, so this unity of colours between art and furniture will create this.

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You’ll also want to consider how much wall space you wantt to take up. If you’ve got particularly high or low ceilings, we’d recommend going oversized. Why? It draws the eye upwards. So for people with low ceilings it makes a space feel taller and for people with high ceilings it appears as though you’re filling up large amounts of wall space whislt accentuating your wonderfully high ceilings. Oversized could be anything from 70 x 100 cm upwards.

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TOP TIP: If you’ve got particularly high or low ceilings, opt for oversized art. Why? It draws the eye upwards. Try 70 x 100 cm or bigger. 

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As mentioned above, thinking about what mood you want to create is worth pondering before delving into purchasing art.  For example, do you want to give off a light hearted and friendly tone? If so, try searching for amusing quotes, colourful prints and quirky designs. Or contrastingly, do you want to create an atmospheric and sophisticated vibe? Then why not try art that’s sombre in appearance like candid portrait photography or minimalistic drawings. sdc

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So you’re probably looking at these and thinking – £150? That’s gonna get me like 2 or 3 pieces max. Well that’s where you’re so wrong. £150 can get all of these if you wanted –  if you went for the small sizes. But it’s quality over quantity – so we say go for less prints at bigger sizes. With £150 at DeSenio you’re looking at around 4 – 5 prints of around 30 x 40 cm or bigger + their neccessary frames. That’s literally IKEA budget prices but without the crap quality or lack of designs. With 4 or 5 prints – that’s a gallery wall sorted or a few pieces for different walls. And that doesn’t include your 25% off discount code below – you’re gonna have enough art work to decorate the whole house at this rate…

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TOP TIP: Think quality over quantity – buy less prints at bigger sizes. £150 at DeSenio gets you about 4 – 5 prints of around 30 x 40 cm or bigger – including frames!

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Lastly lets go over the frames. Athina in her living room, as you see pictured opted for 70 x 100 cm frame with what DeSenio call a ‘passe-partout’ (thats a white mount / border to you and me). Obviously make sure your picture is smaller, around 50 x 70 cm to fit snugly within the mount & frame. Adding a border makes the wall art feel more like traditional artwork – without, it’s more of a casual look, so consider what look you want to create. The smaller bedroom prints are both 30 x 40 cm with no passe-partout border.

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A The code “topologyinteriors” gives 25% off posters* between June 5th and June 7th. Follow @desenio for more inspiration! *Except for frames and handpicked-/collaboration posters