Once in a blue moon we like to shout about our current favourite interiors brand which we think you’ll love. So let us introduce to you ‘Cuckooland’. No it’s not a place you go to when you’ve had one too many tequilas, it’s an online homeware brand dedicated to helping you, as they claim, ‘live in the wow’. From stylish outdoor furniture to epically cool lighting, these guys have got you covered. And guess what – they’re affordable! We’re bursting with excitement to show you lot just how great some of their stuff is and we’ve even teamed up with them to get you an exclusive Cuckooland X Topology 15% off discount code, so if you favour clean Scandinavian design from Zuiver, global inspired interiors by Dutchbone or just want plain and simple affordable homeware, scroll on down… 

To give you a bit of background info on Cuckooland, it would be safe to say they cater heavily towards families. By this we mean their child friendly product collection is vast and they’ve got some seriously cool options for kids furniture. From alphabet rugs to treehouse beds – yes, really! – they are a great option for those looking to redecorate their children’s bedroom or playroom. Having said that, there’s also stuff for us grown up kids too. We’re avid fans of their lighting range in particular which definitely give rival competitors a run for their money. All in all? We think they’re going to be one of your new ‘go to’s’ when looking for homeware.

In an effort to show you guys some great finds that can be found on Cuckooland, we’re going to choose our favourite three products each. But making us just choose 3 each was a real struggle. Let’s start off with Athina’s top picks…






“Ever the colourphobe, I opted for neutral based items that I think will not only stand the test of time but represent great style too. Plus you may notice I flock towards pieces with brass / gold accents – it’s an addiction of mine…”





“I love how all three pieces have such an authentic vintage vibe! They’re brand new but the colours and shapes look like retro, so they have a lot of character. Place this trio in the same room and you have a beautiful colour combination”

So whether you’re looking for household name designers like Orla Kiely or want to try out new brands like Zuiver or Dutchbone,  next time refrain from typing ‘John Lewis’ into google – type Cuckooland instead!


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