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Home Detox Tips For Small Space Living

E ach year when January starts, it marks the beginning of what feels like the perfect excuse for life-refresh. Whether it’s a new wardrobe, a new diet, a new home design or a New Years resolution – there’s no better time than now. And, this year was no exception as we entered a new decade! In light of this, we’ve teamed up with homeware hero ‘Habitat’ (how’s that for a bit of alliteration!) for a special campaign. It’s all based around teaching you some great home detox tips with an emphasis on small space living. Did you know that your home environment can have a huge impact on your wellbeing and mental health? So what better way to kick-start this January than a bit of home re-fresh with these 10 simple tips which are simple, realistic & inexpensive. You’d be a fool not to read on… 

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Tip No. 1  Add More Plants

First up, plants! Nothing says ‘calm’ like the presence of nature – it’s scientifically backed – so consider introducing more plants into your home. If you’re naturally a messy person, add more plants into a cluttered space. Research has found that injections of greenery can balance the atmosphere in over crowded rooms. Use code TOPOLOGY15 for a 15% discount off Patch plants! 

Tip No. 2  Use Rounded Shapes

Use spherical or rounded shaped items to create a sense of balance and calm. According to research, rounded shapes light up certain receptors in the brain which make us perceive them as more aesthetically pleasing. As a result, a sense of calm & balance is felt upon viewing them. Opt for round mirrors, ball pendant lights, a rounded pouf or curved retro style furniture. 

Tip No. 3 The Three Colour Rule

Stick to a simple colour scheme. Instead of using lots of colours, pick 3 main colours that you’re naturally drawn to. From these 3 colours, choose different shades and tones to create your colour scheme. E.g. if one of your main colours is ‘blue’ think of shades you can use such a teal, navy, sky blue etc. This helps a space feel less chaotic, busy & thus more calm as a result. 

Tip No. 4 Implement More Natural Materials

Introduce products into your home which have a connection with nature. Think natural woods, rattan / jute, ceramics / earthenware, marble, stone and wool etc. These earthy materials subliminally remind us of nature, which can induce a state of relaxation.

Tip No. 5 Storage Is Key

Increasing your storage space (or the way you organise your storage) really is one of the best ways to detoxify your home – a tidy home is a tidy mind. Try using basket to hide away unnecessary clutter or storage boxes into a chaotic cupboard. Simply knowing areas of the home are tidy even if you can’t see inside the cupboard, aids a sense of harmony at home. 

Tip No. 6 Lift Items Off The Floor

Lift items off the floor. Sounds like a strange one but by simply having items which are have more light flowing through & around them can help a space feel lighter. If you have small space try a bed on legs (over a divan base) or a sofa with higher legs. Equally, store items on the walls. Shelving units are a great way to lift up clutter and free up the space we need for furniture & can make a space feel detoxed.

Tip No. 7 Have A Designated Clutter Drawer

The idea is to place any items that temporarily clutter your space (laptop cables, newspapers, children’s toys, odds & ends) into the drawer, out of site until you need them. By having a designated clutter drawer, annoying items typically without a home can stay in one place & help a space remain organised & tidy. 

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Tip No. 8 Multi Sensory Home

Create a multi-sensory home. We feel more connected to our surroundings if they appeal to each of our senses. For example, include a range of fabric textures such as velvet contrasted with linen, or wool contrasted with jute. Also consider the scents in your home. Lavender and the scent of fresh flowers creates a relaxing atmosphere that can aid calm whilst scents like eucalyptus or citrus can energise. It’s these small details that make us feel at ease and in tune with our homes. 

Tip No. 9 Distinguish Between Declutter vs. Items Of Needs

Distinguish between clutter and items you actually need by assessing when you last used it. For example, items you haven’t used for one year, do you actually need it? If not, consider being as little wasteful as possible and offer to charity / friends or family or even on free platforms like Gumtree or Freecycle. Alternatively, a penny saving tip would be to think about how it could be repurposed or up cycled. Remember the saying “one persons’ trash is another persons treasure!”

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Tip No. 10 Apply Rules Of Feng Shui

You’ve heard of Feng Shui but have you considered ever implementing it? It’s all about our approach to using shapes & furniture in our homes and how the orientation can have an effect on the spaces we create and thus our moods. One of our favourite tips would be to position a desk opposite a window or adjacent to a window. It’s helps energy flow much better and doesn’t constrict you or your creative process. Trust us! You’ll feel much more productive than facing a wall. 



If you want to come and learn more about this topic and explore the realm of colour, shape and conscious living, come and join us in March! We’ll be hosting two very special workshops in partnership with Habitat to explore how to design a happy home.

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This post has been so special to write as we’ve undergone a partnership with Habitat for a second time! As mentioned this special campaign is all centred around imparting onto you lucky lot some home detox tips, with an emphasis on those living in smaller spaces. We hope you’ve enjoyed the read and will implement some of these ideas in your home to create a more positive environment. If you want more inspiration, head to Habitat’s small space hub or page filled with small space product recommendations.

Additionally – yep there’s more! – you can read the blog on Habitat’s page too about the home detox tips for small space living.

Photography by Toby Mitchell.

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