How To Make Your Home Brighter

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Now that summer is officially here, the sun is out for longer – so why not try and make the most of it? After all there’s no guarantee that the sun will stay out for long if you live in the UK. Sometimes I wonder if I’m living on the wrong island…So, try to accentuate as much natural day light as possible and let us help you figure out how to make your home brighter with these 5 simple, effective tips. With a brighter home that extra dose of vitamin D will do wonders for your mood and wellbeing…

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This is particularly true if you have dark floor boards. It may seem odd, but floor decor is something that catches the eye first as you enter a room. Why? Our eyes naturally bounce around the main areas of the room as we enter. So, if you opt for a cream or light coloured rug, your brain will register this instantly and trick you into thinking the room is brighter than it actually is. If you have dark walls, it will also contrast against these creating a pop of brightness. Try this Wayfair morrocan rug for less than £200. 

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Sounds like an obvious one but opt for decor in your home, down to your appliances, that are light in appearance. Great brands like Everhot’s handbuilt cookers are the most energy efficient heat storage ranges on the market but they’re also available in loads of bright and beautiful colours. Think dusky pink, sage green and a sparkling white. This is particularly great because appliances are large and visually eye catching, so you might as well make them stylish ones to look at. Check out the rest of their range here.

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Mirrors are one of the best tools for creating light in any room. They reflect light and open up any space. If you strategically position your mirrors opposite a window, the mirror will take in the light from outside and bounce it around the room, reflecting the light around and make your home brighter. See, that Grade 5 GCSE physics did come in handy! Check out Exclusive Mirrors collection, they’re affordable and great designs.

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If your renovating, or in a position to think about where your windows can be placed, think about the design and the positioning strategically. Why put a window on a wall where the sun won’t shine through. Remember south facing windows are ideal if you want as much light as possible to enter the room. Try a company like www.roofwindows.co.uk who will be able to help with types of windows e.g. skylights, velux etc. 

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When kitting out your room with lights, think about 3 levels of height – low, mid & high. Low lighting would be something like uplighter which you can position towards or on the floor for light in areas that are naturall dark. Mid height lights would be your side table lights, or perhaps lights on a low shelf. Lastly, high position lights – these would be wall lights, ceiling or pendant lights. It’s important to remember to position lights in all three heights for any room to create a balanced amount of light and help make your home brighter. Totally in love with this chandelier I spotted in a friend’s house!


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