Enhance Your Space with Our 1-Hour Video Consultation Service

Hiring an interior designer, to many of our clients, is a brand new experience! And we totally appreciate that it can feel a little unfamiliar or strange to do so. So if you’re considering getting tailored & expert advice for your home and want to dip your toe into the pool of hiring a professional, consider starting off your journey with a one hour video call consultation. Designed to make a meaningful impact in a short space of time and led by our talented designer Charlie, it’s personalised one-on-one session offering a unique approach to addressing your design challenges. So whether it’s a single appointment or part of a larger project with follow up calls, we’ve got you covered. 

Charlie (above) is one of those people who brings positivity and fun to any meeting or social interaction. She’s truly a beacon of sunshine whenever she’s around! So, hop on a call with her and she’ll find joy in analysing your project through this personalised service. Revelling in the distinctiveness of each dilemma and interaction she says “meeting someone new and chatting through their space to see how we can together overcome design hurdles together, and bring life to their rooms, is something I personally find really fun”. From tackling tricky layouts to adding the finishing touches with accessories, no two consultations are alike. Sometimes, all it takes is a consultation to boost your confidence in executing your plans or making minor tweaks to established ideas. 

How it works

STEP 1 – Booking:
Secure your Video Consultation appointment via our booking page or reach out to us at contactus@topologyinteriors.com so we can find another time which suits you.


STEP 2 – Preparation:
Upon booking, you’ll receive an initial email confirming your appointment and a link to our client questionnaire. Completing this questionnaire ahead of the call ensures we can best prepare for your call and tailor our support to your specific needs


STEP 3 – Your appointment: 

During the call, share your space in real-time, presenting photos and inspirations, asking questions, and receiving valuable feedback and advice.


STEP 4 –  On the day:

On the day of your consultation, you’ll receive a Zoom link, allowing you to engage in a face-to-face call with our designer.


STEP 5 – Your design summary: 

No need for note-taking; we’ll provide a summary of our discussion along with useful tips and exclusive trade discounts to help you implement the suggestions.


STEP 6 – Over to you!

The implementation of discussed ideas is in your hands, empowering you to bring your vision to life. Should you need further assistance, we’re always available for follow-up consultations.


Real Reviews:
I chose an online consultation with Charlie from Topology and was impressed by her advice and choices for my design. I was nervous about getting across what I wanted but Charlie was able to get my vision immediately and gave me advice on paint choices and layout which really helped make the design process easier. She sent the design notes back to me on the same day and I am waiting to use their 50+ trade discounts! Thanks Topology

Example Topics Charlie’s Design Covered So Far …

Finding the perfect paint shade for a bedroom, when the client already has a lot of furniture they’re keeping

Double checking architects’ plans from an interior point of view

Helping make final decisions on the perfect sofa & fabric

Which architectural elements to reinstall within a period property 

How best to plan a kitchen & bathroom layout in order to keep costs down

Identifying what’s possible in terms of layout within a room

Budget friendly ways to renovate a kitchen

Planning the best layouts for a multi-room renovations

Our Video Consultations give the unique opportunity for a 1-to-1 with a designer for an hour, providing clients with interior design support throughout the UK, offering both convenience and accessibility.

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