An Interior Lovers Guide To: London

Are you an interior design enthusiast planning a visit to London? Look no further! The city is a treasure trove of aesthetic wonders, boasting a diverse range of neighbourhoods, each with its own unique charm and design flair. In this guide, written by our London born & bread team (see us below at one of our team’s favourite bars),  we’ll take you on a journey through London neighbourhoods. In this post we’ll highlight the best places for interior design aficionados to eat, shop, and explore. Additionally, if you fancy seeing our other city guides, check our Paris, New York, Copenhagen & Rome

Best Neighbourhoods

South: Peckham for charming independant restaurants closely packed together, Brixton for Brockwell Park and Brixton Village. Camberwell & Oval for candlelit wine bars and upmarket pubs.

North: Islington & Hampstead for for stunning architecture, envious Georgian homes and small high streets with picturesque settings.

East : Dalston & Hackney are our go to’s for quirky cafe’s, bar & restaurants.

West: For stunning architecture, picture-perfect streets no matter the weather and high-end shopping try Chelsea, Kensington or Notting Hill.


You can call us foodies, as together as a team we’re not short on restaurant recommendations. Below are our top 10 covering all bases in London and all budgets. Whichever one you choose to explore you won’t be disappointed with the vibe (crucial as an interior designer!) and the food. 

South London:
Forza (Forza Win), Levan, & Kudu, Perilla,
Little Cellars, Cable Cafe, Theo’s Pizza, Camberwell Arms, Bottle & Rye, Brixton Village, Diogenes the Dog

East London: Manteca, Angelina, Bistrotheque, Satan’s Whiskers 

West London: Strakers, Jacuzzi, Clarke’s, Crisp 

North London: Jolene, Mangal 2 , My Neighbours The Dumpling, Westerns Laundry

Central London: Fallow, Circolo Poppolare, The Ned, Bedales Wine Bar 

Shopping – Antiques Markets & More

Don’t forget to explore London’s vintage and antique shops. Aladdin’s Cave in Lewisham and Chase & Sorensen in Hoxton are two gems for second-hand treasures, offering a journey through time with their carefully curated collections. Although touristic Notting Hill’s weekend market is charming but not the best place for buying antiques, it’s more for the experience. 

Some others to try are Alfie’s Antiques (Marylebone), The Old Cinema (Chiswick) & lastly, Northcote Road Antiques in Clapham for a quick stop around the 3 floors of antiques from independant vendors. 

Museums & Galleries

London is not short of amazing museums, galleries, exhibitions & more. Central London often has pop up exhibitions on so a quick google will find what’s on currently but for fail proof constants try the options below.


Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A):

Your design exploration continues at the Victoria and Albert Museum, a treasure trove of decorative arts and design. Wander through the beautifully curated period rooms, each telling a unique story of design evolution. The V&A seamlessly blends history with innovation, offering inspiration at every turn.

Design Museum:

In the heart of Kensington, the Design Museum beckons with its sleek, modern exterior. Explore the cutting-edge exhibitions within, showcasing the evolution of design across various disciplines. The museum’s commitment to contemporary design is reflected in its thoughtfully designed spaces.

London, with its diverse neighbourhoods, offers a plethora of options for interior design lovers. Whether you’re sipping wine in a chic bar or exploring vintage treasures in an antique shop, the city’s design scene is sure to captivate and inspire.

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