An Interior Lovers Guide To: Copenhagen

Hi All, Charlie here! As you know here at Topology we have an ongoing series called “An Interior Lovers Guide To…”. In these posts we explore our favourite cities (see our most recent ones on Rome, New York & Paris). This time however I’m thrilled to share with you that we are adding Copenhagen to our list. Having visited Copenhagen on many occasions (my husband is Danish and we have family there) my most recent visit left me feeling more inspired than ever. So, I’m really excited to share some of my favourite places we stumbled upon. These recommendations include places I’ve been recommended by locals over the years too. From neighbourhoods, to hotels, shops, bars & restaurants, and last but by no means least bakeries…

My most recent visit was a little different than my previous endeavours as a bouncy 20-something-year-old. This time, we had our 4-month-old in tow. If there was one thing I learnt, it was that Copenhagen is the perfect city for meandering around with a buggy and drinking up interior goodness. So from one interior lover to another, here are seven things I would recommend….

Grab a coffee 

Have a coffee at Lille Petra Cafe an inviting little hidden gem nestled around a cosy courtyard. The cafe and courtyard are dressed with plants, timeless Danish furniture, and &Tradition latest pieces. I felt very much at home in this inviting little spot. The cafe also offers breakfast and lunch, all based around a seasonal menu using ingredients sourced locally or from their own garden!

Stay in an inspiring spot

Book a room at the Audo Hotel, a hybrid boutique hotel that also functions as a furniture showroom. Located in the Industrial District of Copenhagen this hotel oozes fine Scandinavian design. Each room has a Dux bed which promotes a sleep like no other.

Treat yourself

Reinh. Van Hauen offers the most delicious breakfast pastries and is a classic spot to venture to. Their custard Spandauers are my personal favorite. From here you can easily walk to the Palace and Copenhagen’s iconic attraction, The Little Mermaid.

Hart bakery, situated in a 200-year-old timber listed building is run by Richard Hart, who was the baker at world-famous restaurant Noma. The bakery has had a rippling effect on the city, the level of detail is quite astounding. Here you can enjoy a pastry and a glass of wine, a great combo if you ask me! 

Eat like a Dane

Embrace a traditional Danish meal of Open sandwiches (‘smørrebrød’), at Kronborg. Where homemade food and hygge is at their center. It’s a restaurant I’ve visited with family for many years now and never disappoints. Expect a warm greeting If you want to follow the true Danish spirit, try some Schnaps! This authentic spot is well worth booking in advance. 

Other recommended eateries include Atelier September, Juno Bakery, bæst and Osteria 16, and Kødbyens Fiskebar

Get your design buzz on

The Danish design museum is situated in the neighbourhood of Frederiksstaden, a historic part of the city with plenty of furniture shops (Carl Hansen & Søn, Dansk MøbelkunstFDB Møbler, Hay House, Paustian), to explore after a visit to the Museum which is well worth the visit. Here, you’ll get to explore classic Danish design and its historical collections as well as new perspectives on design. I personally loved admiring the chair section where classic Danish chairs are displayed in all their splendor but the museum also showcases fashion, crafts, and industrial design.

North of the city, you’ll find a charming neighbourhood, Norrebro. Take a chance to wander down Jaegerborgadde, a residential street that has become a little home for vintage and interior shops, art galleries, not forgetting cafes, and restaurants.

The Apartment is a retail space that is different from most as it’s curated like a home! This ‘shoppable home’ is situated in the Christianshaven district. The apartment adorns mid-century gems and pieces from all around the world. It is certainly one for the eccentric interior design lovers out there.

Copenhagen is the home of Ferm Living and is where you can find their stunning flagship boutique & showroom. Situated in a historic building right by the water, it’s worth a visit. Here you can scout out their latest trends and soak up new inspiration whilst enjoying a coffee.

The Meatpacking District has to be one of my favourite spots. This area has been revitalized more and more over the years and is now packed with much more than meat! It’s buzzing with excellent restaurants, coffee shops, breweries, cool cocktail bars, and art galleries housing works from emerging artists.  If your trip falls over the weekend, make sure to pop by their flea market on a Saturday.

Go for a swim

Nothing makes me feel quite as alive as starting or ending your day with a dip. Copenhagen is surrounded by water so there are a number of harbour swims to dive into surrounding Copenhagen, depending on where you’re staying you can find the nearest one to you here or if you’re feeling adventurous seek a swimming spot of your own!

Badezone Søndre Refshalebassin was where we ended up. You can take a 10 minute ferry across from by the Little Mermaid. If you’re looking for somewhere to swim and tag lunch onto then check out La Banchina, which is just next door. A refreshing 14 seat restaurant and wine bar. Both spots are ideal for enjoying a sunny day with friends.


Rent a bike

No trip to Copenhagen is quite complete without a cycle. Copenhagen is one of the best biking cities in the world – practically everyone cycles! Hop on a bike, rain or shine, and cruise around the streets and over the bridges within the city in true Copenhagen fashion.

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All photography by Theo McInnes

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