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Let’s face it – we all have an Instagram addiction. In fact, I’m guessing most of you would have been lead to this post from Instagram. Am I right, or am I right? Well, if you’re anything like us you’ll know that growing a following is a long process as there are so many different rules, tips and algorithms to pay attention to. All of which could potentially hinder your success.. For instance, did you know that using the same hashtags over and over again is something Instagram doesn’t like? It registers it as spammy behavior and as a result can penalise you. The dreaded shadow ban!! So, try and mix up your hashtags adding different ones each time, as much as possible. In a bid to help you do this, in this post we’re sharing with you our top 30 interior instagram hashtags, as 30 is the maximum you can add per post. Yep, so now you can dish out some cool new hashtags to help you on your way to an even bigger following. In addition to this, we’ll be sharing with you our top 5 instagram tips based on our experience. Oh and if you’re not following us already, you should be!

  1. #interiorlovers
  2. #topstylefiles
  3. #smallspacesquad
  4. #myhomeforHP
  5. #finditstyleit

A pic from one of our favourite accounts, Restoring Lansdowne 

6. #modernhome
7. #interior123
8. #interiordesire
9. #interiordetails
10. #interiorforinspo

For those into DIY accounts, Grillo Designs 

11. #interiorstylist
12. #houseenvy
13. #homereno
14. #interior123
15. #homedetails

For dark and sulty interior inspo, Huizedop 

16. #homedecorideas
17. #whitewalls
18. #ihavethisthingwithcolour
19. #myhomevibe
20. #eclecticdecor

From yours truly, Topology 

21. #currentdesignsituation
22. #sodomino
23. #howwedwell
24. #myhousebeautiful
25. #midcenturymodern

From second hand furniture guru, Susie Brown 

26. #housegoals
27. #interior_and_living
28. #dailydecordose
29. #pocketofmyhome
30. #ekkbhome


    Mix your hashtags up. By this we mean use ones which are popular and unpopular. So for example, #smallspaceliving has 36,113 posts connect to it, but a more generic #interiordesign has over 40 million. It’s best to add ones ranging from millions down to just hundreds. This way you’re increase your chances of being seen. Adding popular ones mean you’ll likely be seen by lots of people searching for this hashtag, but that your image may get quickly lost amongst the crowd. The same is for the opposite way around. Using less popular hashtags means less people will see your post, but you’re likely to get noticed by the these few people.

Only put around 3 – 4 hashtags in your actual post description, and then add the rest in the comments section. Not only does this hide spammy hashtags but it’s what instagram prefers you do. 

Get ready for this to blow your mind…there’s a short cut for writing hashtags on an inphone. Got to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacment. In this section you can input a shortcut word e.g.  ‘instashortcut’ and tell your iphone to automatically make it pop up with lots of different hashtags. All you need to do is type in the hashtags. It’s basically suposed to be used for text replacement e.g. ‘WUU2’ could be a quick way of writing ‘what you up to?’ – get it? Try it out! 

4. USE ALL 30 
You can only post 30 hashtags in one post – use all thirty! Yes it may be time consuming but that extra 30 seconds typing them out could me double followers and likes. 

Certain hashtags have been created specifically for gianing traffic, followers etc. Hashtags like #picoftheday #instalove #followforfollow #tagsforlikes and #bestoftheday can be used if desperate times call for desperate measures. 

We’re always eager to hear your thoughts on our content, so if you’ve got any more tips please feel free to comment below and if you’re feeling social, why not connect with us on Pinterest too? 

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