Excitingly this week we were told that we’ve been shortlisted for a ‘Best Of Pinterest’ Award. Yasss! We’ve seen lots our peers win these before in the past and have always thought it would be amazing to get our grubby hands on one too. So we’re totally beyond ourselves to have been shortlisted. Especially because we’re really new to Pinterest – we’ve only really been getting to grips with it in the last month. Shameful we know…but we are totally lo.v.i.n.g. it now!  We’re up for ‘Best Home Styling Tips’ and will be creating a special board (with our pins only) to submit to the judges. To celebrate this, we’ve decided to compile a list of our favourite Pinterest accounts which you should be following for your daily decor dose! Plus we’ve done our research and compiled our top tips for gaining a following and get your pins seen – we’ve gained 100 followers already this month.


  • Use the Pinterest Widget Builder to add  boards to your blog posts. Exactly as we’ve done in this post. People are more likely to follow / view your account if it’s easily accessable.
  • Add descriptions to your pins and make them keyword rich rather than adding hashtags. In the descriptions think of words that that people may type in to find that sort of pin. Add just one hashtag. here.
  • When you upload your images, make sure the files name are not something like ‘IMG_1563’. Re-name them to something like ‘scandi dining room’ or ‘blue bathroom design’. This tells Pinterest what the image is and it will become a more findable pin.
  • Use a scheduling app like Tailwind or Viralwoot (acknowledged as legit by Pinterest) to schedule pins at regular times.  Pinterest likes accounts that are regularly active and pinning, so these are great if you’re pushed for time.

1. Style At Home
We love anything Style At Home does. So, naturally their Pinterest account is a great place to find all of their top tips, DIY’s, house tours and more in one place. We really love their hands-on and down to earth approach to interior design – and what’s more – it’s always affordable and realistic for us normal folk too. Our favourite thing though is that the boards are categorised into ‘LOVE IT’, ‘MAKE IT’ and ‘DO IT’ which really make you want to jump in and start a new project!


2. Love Chic Living
Perhaps an obvious one to many of you, but we at Topology love award winning Jen Stanbrook. The face behind ‘Love Chic Living’ has really nailed it with her Pinterest account, bossing (almost) a whopping 1 million followers! Jen is all about stylish family living and her Pinterest account is stacked with loadsa tips on how to make the most out of your home in different ways. ‘Outdoor Style’ and ‘Colour In The Home’ are our favourite boards.



3. Seasons In Colour
If you haven’t stumbled across Jenny from Seasons In Colour by now – where have you been! She’s an award winning interior blogger with a fantastic Pinterest account. We love the way she categorises her boards in to ‘How To’ e.g. ‘How To Style It Dark’ or ‘How To Style It Pink’. Great if you’re into colours, we respect her passion for colourful interiors (and fashiony bits too!).



4. Dear Designer
If you’re looking for interior inspiration broken down into easy to navigate categories then Dear Designer is your destination. Think clear and concise boards like ‘Dining Room’, ‘Work Spaces’, ‘Bedrooms’, ‘Bathrooms’ etc. There is so much inspo to drool over and it’s no surprise that D.D boasts a cool 17k following. One of our favourite boards has got to be ‘Beautiful People’. It may not be interior related but any glimpse of  George Clooney and David Beckham and we’re sold.


5. Topology Team
Is it too cheeky to say us…well we’re going to anyways. We’ve become avid fans of Pinterest and in case you were only skim reading the intro paragraph above…we’ve been shorted for a Pinterest Award! Yep, ‘Best Home Styling Tips’ we’ll have you know. We regularly upload house tours on our Pinterest account which you won’t find anywhere else so if you’re into peeking around other peoples houses, then give us a follow.  Join us on our mission to make Pinterest our thang.



6. Little Greene Paint Company
Regardless of whether you’re painting a home or not, Little Greene have a totally awesome account that everyone should be following. Even if you’re not into colour, there’s more than enough Pins for the monochrome lovers here. But if you are finding yourself looking for some interior wall inspo, they’ve got such a wonderful collection of images to help you decide on your colour scheme. We’ve vibing the ‘New Colours Of England’ board currently.

7. Homemaker
If you like affordable decor solution with a lots of DIY and handy tutorials, Homemaker are the guys for you. Filled with lots of fun ideas from sewing projects to up cycling they’re a great one to follow if you enjoy making getting crafty. A good brand to follow if you’re into homemade stuff and handmade gifts etc.

8. Fall For DIY
Birmingham based, self confessed ‘lifestyle obsessed Pinner’ aka Fran, is all about Pinterest. If you want a new obsession hobby, click on Fran’s page. From DIY tutorials (yeah it’s in the name) to travel and office inspo, it ticks all the boxes of a lifestyle blogger. We love her Pinterest account as it’s filled with beautiful pastel colours, holiday inspired pins and trend ideas.

9. Kate Baxter
We love Kate’s cool, calm and collected approach to Pinterest. It’s no surprise that she’s been voted as one of the UK’s (Manchester to be precise) ‘successful interior Pinners’. With a gigantic following of over 500k, we can see why people love to follow her style. From outdoor living to architecture to fashion and food there’s something to appeal to all of us.

10. Annie Sloan Home
It was my (Athina’s) boyfriend that introduced her to Annie Sloan. Weird, we know..but so grateful! Annie does the most amazing range of paints for furniture, that don’t require priming or any sanding etc. If you just want to go straight into painting on furniture, then you can. Sometimes we’re impatient and can’t be bothered for all the pre-prep-crap, am I right? That’s why we love her Pinterest account as there are so many amazing colours and images to gawp over. Thanks Annie!

We hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below if you’ve got any other great Pinterest accounts you think are worth following.

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