Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in the interiors industry? Like who’s running it and who’s making the important decisions that dictate trends, magazine covers and potentially our own homes? Well over the last couple of years at Topology, we’ve met loads  of inspiring people, all of whom we think deserve a light to be shone on them. So, we’re excited to tell you that we’re launching this brand new blog series ‘Behind The Scenes With‘. In these new posts, we’ll share short interviews with interior experts from stylists, to magazine editors and TV personalities. And that’s not all, we’ll be seeing the contents their little black book of interiors too. So whose up for the first week?

Name: Jess Taverner


Occupation: Style Editor at Good Homes Magazine


Time In Employment: 2 Years in September 

Let us introduce you to Jess Taverner, Style Editor of Good Homes Magazine aka the one who prepares, styles and shoots the front covers for the mag. From working with Jess, what we’ve seen is that she’s got a seriously ‘good eye’ for all things interiors and can transform the most basic of sets into a wonderfully detailed interior shot that’ll have you stopping a second glance in the magazine aisle. So what are her interior go to’s and what are her top tips for styling the perfect space? Scroll on down to find out…

A proud Athina helped set up this shoot which Maxine Brady & Jess styled together. 

What’s your top tip for styling with a neutral palette? 

Decorating with a neutral colour palette can be just as daunting as using bright, vibrant shades. The key to working with a neutral scheme is to combine a variety of tactile accessories and finishes that will enhance a space. For example, paint the walls in a chalky paint and opt for a gloss finish on the floorboards. Finish with seagrass baskets and artisanal woven cushions. For a rent-friendly alternative, add an abundance of houseplants both real and artificial, to inject visual interest. I find that plants instantly help to lift a neutral scheme, especially when using an array of patterned leaves and plants with varying heights.


How would you advise someone that struggles interior styling their home? 

When planning the themes for the front cover decorating shoots for Good Homes magazine, I find it really beneficial to pick a theme as my starting point and then pull together a selection of inspirational images that relate to this. This prevents me from going off track and allows me to create a cohesive scheme. For example, a tropical trend I would look for vibrant colours, lightweight fabrics and bold prints. Begin by collecting fabric samples, magazine clippings and colours that interest you to build up a group of inspiring clippings that fit your theme and ensure you stick to this. 

When styling a bedroom what interior styling fundamentals do you always apply?  The bed is naturally the focal point so allow it to take centre stage in front of a statement wall and layer it with a tempting selection of soft furnishings – use a selection of pompom throws, over-sized cushions and sumptuous bed linen. Wood panelling and ombre paint effects are really popular at the moment and make a perfect choice for adding interest to plain walls as well as creating a striking feature wall.
A big thanks to Jess for taking the time to speak with us! Keep up with her work by following her instagram  and seeing all the amazing new covers of Good Homes magazine that come out. All cover images courtesy of Good Homes. asd Behind Thsde Scenes With


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