How To Know What Paint To Use

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When decorating your home, paint is usually the first thing we think of to make a real transformation. But what paint? How can we know which brand to go for? Or whether we should get emulsion or matt? What’s a limewash, I hear you say. Well, these are the kind of questions we are going to be answering for you in this post. Think of it as your one and only guide to paints in layman terms. Any questions, you’re always welcome to email us for personalised advice…



Eggshell  has a delicate sheen, literally imagine the surface of an eggshell. It is formulated to resist moisture and staining better than matt paint. This finish is not as flat as matt paint, and not as shiny as silk. Works well on wooden furniture and skirting boards. 

Silk – a great choice for any rooms in your home that may get grubby – like halls, staircases and children’s bedrooms, as you can wipe them clean. We would define these as having a mid-sheen finish. These types of paint reflect more light and so have a  tendency to exaggerate lumps and bumps on uneven surfaces more than matt paint does. 


Gloss –  usually good for wood or metal paints. Gloss finishes offer a more durable result for areas that may get bumped or brushed past regularly, such as your skirting boards and doorframes. Gloss paints tend to be an oil based paint – although water based versions are increasingly popular. They are thicker than other types of paint for a more robust finish so good for bathrooms and kitchens. 

Matt  – has a non-reflective appearance. Matt paint works well if you want to disguise or hide imperfections on an uneven surface. It creates a soft, natural look on your walls and ceilings. A Topology favourite!

TOP TIP: wash your brushes / rollers before you paint to get rid of loose fibres that may stick to the wall



The most common and popular type of paint. Emulsion paint is a water based paint and usually comes in two finishes: matt or silk. If you don’t want a shiny look, opt for matt. Water based paints are quick drying with a low odour, but a generally not as durable as an oil based paint. Great for interiors and plaster walls. Not recommended for a bathroom as you will need something more moisture resistant and durable.


TOP TIP: stir your paint well to ensure an even coat and smoother finish 


what paint to use

Dulux Heritage, Wild Blackberry, Flat Matt, 2.5L, RRP £37.18,, 0333 222 7171


Rollers are the most popular types of tool for painting, as they cover large areas in a short space of time. A top tip for a roller is to wash it thoroughly before using it, as this gets rid of loose excess fibres before you start your painting – these can end up on the wall and are fiddly and annoying to remove.  Downsides to rollers are that they splatter drops of paint around. Additionally, it’s quite difficult to reach corners with a roller, so you will need a brush to ‘cut in’ along the floor and ceiling. Rollers also typically leave an orange peel effect on the wall, which some people aren’t fond of.
what paint
what paint

Wide brushes are the best for an overall great finish, but are a much more laborious and time consuming way of painting. If you are doing a small feature wall, this traditional method would work well – be warned that this does require a good amount of skill, so not advised for amateur painters. A top tip would be to use a brush to paint the outskirts of your walls, then use a roller to paint the bulk of the wall. 

what paint
what paint

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If you know anything about the paint industry, you will know that the kings are ‘Farrow & Ball’  but hold fire as they come with a hefty price tag. If you want to do it on the cheap, then these aren’t your guys. However, if you want to the perfect finish and are willing to splash out – you won’t be disappointed. On the flip side, Crown, Leyland or Dulux are equally as good. If you’ve fallen in love with an F&B colour it’s worth taking a swatch to your local paint retailer as they should be able to colour match for you. 


Dulux Heritage, Dark Aubergine, Eggshell, 2.5L, RRP £31.38,, 0333 222 7171

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feature image is Dulux Denim Drift , Flat Matt, 2.5L, RRP £24.49,, 0333 222 7171



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