10 Step Interior Design Planner

£35.00 £10.00


Are you about to embark on a room design, a home re-fresh or maybe a full on renovation?? Well stop right there. Seriously. Because you’ll want to consider reading our 10 Step Interior Planner which will guide you along a smooth design and delivery process. From tips on choosing fabrics, to checking furniture fits, we’ve pooled all of our knowledge from the residential and commercial property sector to create this handy planner. Aimed at helping you avoid costly mistakes, we’re revealing all our trade secrets. Oh…and did we mention there are exclusive discount codes inside for brands like Graham & Green, Swoon Editions & King & McGaw, 10% off at BHS + a £10 voucher off any room design of ours! And that’s not all….


So What’s Inside?

  • 10 steps / tasks to carry to help you design & plan any space. Each is packed with information, advice and guidance.
  • Printable documents like an itemised budgeting checklist and to-do list
  • A page of quick tips
  • 15% discount code for Graham & Green, 20% discount code for King & McGaw, 15% discount code for Swoon Editions, 10% off BHS
  • £10 off any Topology room design