Let us enlighten you about the world of light! Lighting – it can make or break a room – so pay attention to it! Nothing stresses us out more when you go to someones house for dinner, or to hang out, and the overhead lights are on. Can I get an Amen? C’mon people learn to love lighting – think mood lights, dimmers, stylish pendant lights, statement table lamps and so on. Lighting is such a great way to get creative with your interiors and show off some personality. What’s more, you can do it affordably and quickly, it’s a win win. In this post you’ll find loads of handy lighting tips, product recommendations and facts about lighting to help you improve your home designs. 

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Step 1: Understanding The Light Sources
Did you know lighting comes in varying sources? And that each room should be made up on 6 different lights made up from these varying sources? This will result in a well lit and well balanced room that offers light at varying levels and areas. Confused? Let us break it down for you a bit more… 



NATURAL DAYLIGHT – comes from windows, sky lights, conservatorys etc.


TASK LIGHT – table lamp, make-up light, reading light etc.


ATMOSPHERIC LIGHT – a mood lights, decorative lights, dimmable lights etc.


BASE LIGHT – a pendant light, wall lights, ceiling lights etc.  




So, bearing these varying light sources above in mind, you should ensure each of your rooms has at least one of each of these light sources + 2 more (to total to 6).  THE MAGIC FORMULA 6 LIGHTS (÷ 4 LIGHT SOURCES) PER ROOM  = PERFECT LIGHTING 
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Step 2: Size Does Matter
When it comes to ligthing, don’t conform in thinking smaller rooms need small lights and big rooms need big lights. Get creative, mix things up and think outside the box. We love the idea of going oversized in typically smaller areas, creating more of a statement. And contrastingly,  optiong for duos or trios of smaller lights in bigger areas as they’ll still take up the same surface area but aren’t neccesasrily big and flashy. 
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Step 3: Add Lights At Different Heights
It’s important to make you room appear well lit from all different corners, angles and heights to ensure a well light room. Think overhead, eye level and floor based lighting to ensure light floods the room well. A great tip for a dingy corner is an uplighter 
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Maisons Du Monde 


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La Voliere Pendant Lamp, Conran Shop. 

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Copper Lamp, Maisons Du Monde. 
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Bloomingville Lamp Base, Amara. 

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Molecular Pendant, Amara.

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Black Lamp, Habitat. 

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Lillholmen Ceiling Lamp, IKEA.