How To Get A Better Sleep Through Your Interiors


Do any of you suffer from insomnia? I (Athina) for certain do – it comes in waves I find. One week I’ll be asleep before my head is even on the pillow and another I’ll be up until 4am wriggling until I finally drift off. Perhaps it’s work stress, or a change in the weather, I don’t know…but one thing I do know is that there are certain things you can do with your interiors to help aid a good & restful sleep. In this post, I’ll explain some simple tips you can try at home and recommend some items you can buy in order to help you get a good quality sleep, as it’s not all about the length of time you’re in bed, but about the quality of it. To help me do so, I’ve done my research for you & spoke to the experts at ‘Bed & Bath Emporium’ as well, to get some insider knowledge on how we can use things like our bed linen to relax us and promote sleep. If you have tips worth sharing, feel free to comment below too! 

better sleep
better sleep


If you’ve always wondered about the ‘threat count’ on your bed linen, generally speaking the higher the better. So for example, 1000 threads would be very luxurious. To put it in laymans terms, Bed and Bath Emporium explain that

a thread count refers to the number of threads going across (weft) and vertically (warp) within 1 square inch of woven cloth. Good quality bedding starts at 180 threads per inch, luxury bed linen from 300 threads, and the very luxurious 1000 threads per inch. In a sheet with a lower thread count, the individual threads are quite thick, producing bedding that can have a relatively courser feel. In higher thread counts there are more threads per square inch, they are correspondingly finer and the bed linen feels much softer and more luxurious

So bearing this in mind, if you’re looking to get a good night sleep you’ll want to be as relaxed as possible, right? The softer, more luxurious and cosier your bed linen the better you will sleep. Instead of buying lots of different duvet sets throughout your life with a low threadcount, invest in something luxurious, like this, which will stand the test of time and aid sleeping like a baby. 


help sleeping

A 1000 thread count like my duvet cover retails at £85 currently 


Pay attention to the fillings two things, your mattress & your pillows. For me I have to sleep with two pillows – a luxury one filled with goose down feathers and another more humbly filled with a hollow-fibre filling. This gives me the choice each night as to how high I want to prop my head up – I always thought I preferred feather filling but I’ve been converted by these Bed & Bath Emporium ones recently as they’re so squidgy. And they didn’t sponsor me to say this, I genuinely think they are more comfortable – I’ve found a few times I fall asleep quicker when I use them. Also pay attention to your mattress filling.  They say you should replace your mattress every 10 years, and that’s right you should. But you should also assess at each point in doing so, what your body needs at that point in time. Do you have a bad back? Do you find it hard to get out of bed? Do you wake up stiff? It’s important to test out different compositions and see what works best for you. For some, memory foam is the perfect solution as you sink into it as it mould to the shape of your body – personally it just doesn’t do it for me. For others a firmer approach like pocket spring prevents back pain. Or, you could opt for a mix of the two called ‘memory pocket’, like this

better sleep

My hollow-fibre ones can be found here


Colour psychology is a thang people. Certainly colours aid different things for example if you want people to eat up apparently dark red in a dining room promotes an appetite, and orange can energise us so is good for an office environment. For a bedroom? It’s blue. Blue has a calming effect on the nervous system and lowers blood pressure when it’s triggered, so opt for shades of teal, navies and pastel blues for a calms night sleep. Try adding some blue on the walls or in your accessories. 


better sleep

See a lovely blue bedroom decor example here in Lily’s House Tour 


Sometimes it’s worth investing in ourselves too when it comes to our sleep as it effects our mood, health and general state of being. I like to have certain rituals like a bath two times a week with bath salts and then relax in a robe afterward – sorry I don’t have a pic of this to upload for this one…I also like to moisturise with a night cream and ensure anything I use has good ingredients. One of my favourites is the Lavera re-energising sleep cream. Night creams generally contain richer more nourishing ingredients and anti-oxidants which compensate for skin and cell damage caused by environmental influences during the day, so they are a great night boost to feel like you’ve had a restful sleep. 


better sleep

My favourite night cream , see it here

What are your top tips for a good nights sleep?

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