Our Trip To The Amara IBA16

our experience on mingling with the top of their blogging game

Voting Stages

As your probably aware earlier on this year we were nominated for the prestigious ‘Amara Blog Award’ for the category of Best Newcomer. This was an absolute dream to us and not something we ever imagined we’d get to be a part of. Topology only started about a year ago when our website and blog page was far from readible, with sporadic posts accompanied by photos taken on my phone. A year on, I’ve got a snazzy camera and a small team behind me and we like to think we are getting bigger and better one step at a time. The voting stages were strenuous, frantically emailing previous clients, social media fans, family and friends to vote for us, as a desperate attempt to get shortlisted. Back in September we were told we were shortlisted – such a great feeling and so unexpected. So part of this post is to say a massive thank you for all your help in getting us so far!


The Build Up

Getting Approached

One of the best things about being part of the Amara’s this year was having companies get in touch with us to introduce their brand, designs, products, services etc. For a company like us who thrive on introducing clients to wonderful new products and designs, it was a great way for us to get to know the people behind these brands and start relationships with people who have wonderful like-minded companies. Special mention goes to The Curious Department for my beautiful butterfly that was sent to me and Bag&Bones for helping contribute to our blog prior to the event.


The Event

The Hamyard Hotel

Turning up to the event was unbelievably exciting, I was like a kid in a candy shop. Invited to a beautiful hotel where all cocktails and canapes were on tap, I was literally smiling so much. However, prior to this I did get a little lost on my way in and for some reason ended up in Olly Murs’ album launch party. I was standing in the wrong event for a good few minutes until I saw the bowling alley, huge Olly Murs sign, album posters, a live band and about 150 hipsters complete with fancy moustaches and glasses with no lenses. I laughed to myself and thought – I’ll go along with this – so I took a few photos and grabbed a canape before I thought I should probably look for the right event. NB: Would like to just mention that there were bouncers on the door to his event with a checklist – I smiled and walked straight passed the people queueing to get in! Blondes have more fun I guess.


The Ceremony IBA16

Walking in the the ceremonial room, to be honest I wasn’t nervous at all. We knew in our heart of hearts that we weren’t the winners. Our blog has always been a work in progress and it was clear from the start that The Pink House would win – and we were right! So massive congrats to Emily for her award and kudos to her for wearing a T-shirt saying PINK AS FUCK. The ceremony was wonderful – we especially loved Sophie Robinson from the BBC’s Great Interior Design Challenge (think the interiors version of Bake Off). Sophie was great at covering up the odd-hiccup that made the night all the more fun to be honest – it’s rare that an event goes smoothly right?! 


The Aftermath

By this I am referring to the hangover. Oh wow – it genuinely lasted 48 hours. All I can remember is badgering the bartender to make me another mojito. I’m hoping I didn’t embarrass myself, but it’s not often there’s a free bar! The pain of the hangover was alleviated with the excitingness of the goodie bags we received. They were s.t.u.f.f.e.d with amazing things – I particularly loved my Tom Dixon tea light holder which I’d actually been eyeing up to buy for ages. All in all, a wonderful night and one we won’t forget. A big thank you to Amara  & everyone in involved making it a wonderful evening. And a big thanks to all of you who voted for us to get shortlisted. If you are thinking of getting nominated next year to do it – GO FOR IT!


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