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the home of eccentric British design

Welcome to our sixth edition of the ‘Homeware Brand Alert’ feature. We haven’t been this excited to introduce you to a homeware brand for a while – their stuff is i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. This week we speak to Mineheart, a brand who claim to be the home of eccentric British Design – and boy are they right. Their approach to interior products takes what you know and twists it on its head. To sum them up in two words – crazy beautiful. Think cutting edge, forward thinking, bold, eclectic and sometimes humorous pieces of homeware you’ll want to buy and proudly show off in your home. Prepare to be amazed folks…


How would you describe Mine Heart’s style?

As interior product designers the collection was born as a result of our desire to create more personal and creative work and products, without necessarily having a client breif in mind. 

Our designs seek to “surprise and delight” by mixing traditional influences with a fresh modernist edge and exploring slightly eccentric design possibilities.  The products often combine characteristics from both of our backgrounds – Italian art mixed with British design. 

What is the concept of the brand?

The name Mineheart was inspired by the Shakespearian quote: “Mine eye and heart…” encapsulating the dual passions of designers and founders Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia. Their love for tradition and eye for contemporary design is combined in often surprising and delightful ways within the Mineheart collection.
“The idea behind Mineheart is to create a playground for creativity and discovery, where art meets design, and poetry meets industry. We try to inject a sense of wonder into everyday objects and spaces around us, telling stories and creating things that are truly surprising,” Brendan Young 

What are your most popular products?

The King Edison Pendant lamp, a modern day design icon that places a Lilliputian chandelier daringly inside a large blown-glass Edison bulb. It is especially stunning in its Ghost guise:

The Persian Cowhide Rug, digitally applied Persian patterning onto an enhanced faux animal hide. Ethical, hypoallergenic and subject to none of the curl or shrinkage of its raw counterpart. 


What is the design process or sourcing process behind your products?

We are constantly working on new ideas, and are also always looking for inspirational work, new materials and interesting collaborations. We collaborate with artists from various backgrounds and medias where their world meets ours in a complementary and surprising way. 
The key to Mineheart’s ethos is also the support of British design and manufacturing. Most Mineheart products are designed, made and assembled in the UK, this enables more control over production and quality, giving greater flexibility and the ability to offer custom made and bespoke pieces for clients. They are all made by passionate people, who love, live and breathe their craft.

Why do you think there is an increasing trend for homeware that’s a bit out of the ordinary?

For too long modern homeowners have played it cool in their interior design choices. People are becoming increasingly braver through their exposure to new approaches and design ideas online, this is giving them the confidence to challenge their own tastes and try something new. 
Online technology is helping us to understand how something might look in an environment before we commit to it. The introduction of statement pieces into these environments breathes life back into living spaces by enhancing them with a gesture of individuality and a nod to the adventurous side of the home owner.

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