How To Use Dulux's Colour Of The Year In Your Space

Enter 'Heart Wood Home' as Denim Drifts away...

Yesterday something rather exciting happened in the interiors world – Dulux unveiled its annual ‘Colour Of The Year’ for 2018. Every year Dulux gathers a panel of experts from around the world (um, thanks for the invite) in an effort to name this mysterious colour of the year. ‘Heart Wood Home’ they’ve named it. Yes…the name may be a bit naff, but the colour? Well here at Topology HQ we love it! In an attempt to describe it, we’d say it’s an earthy, neutral and warming tone with hints of grey & lilac. What we particularly like about it is that it doesn’t seemed to be tied down to being seasonal either. We envisage this colour working in any space throughout all of autumn, winter, spring & summer. So lets find out what the you lot think about the colour and help you decide if and how you can incorporate it into your home…


deluxe heart wood home
dulux heart wood home

So What’s Your Verdict?

We have a great little group on Facebook for interior lovers (click to join here) called ‘Style Stories For Interior Enthusaists’, so we posted a poll about the colour in question, Heart Wood Home, to the interior addict jury. The verdict? Well we got a mix of reviews. Some people are clearly still clinging on to ‘Denim Drift’, Dulux’s colour of the year for 2017 whereas others are l.o.v.i.n.g it.  One of our favourite responses though was ‘Ugh sorry but I like things bright lol’ and ‘Bleurgh even the description makes me nauseous’. So we’re a mixed bunch I think it’s safe to say. All opinions aside though, we like it and would definitely use it in our future projects. 
dulux heart wood home

Why Use It In Your Home?

Heart Wood Home is a great colour for anyone wanting to keep a neutral scheme, but at the same time inject some subtle coloured hues into their room. With tones of heather, grey, lilac, pink and taupe etc it makes a great base colour for any room, as it doesn’t define itself to one particular colour. This makes it easily teamable with an array of colours. We also love this colour because it adds a touch of femininity without screaming that it’s too ‘girly’. Many who live with male partners find it can be difficult to please both the feminine and masculine demands in the household. Yes many will just paint the house bright pink and hope that their other half can’t be bothered to re-paint it, but for many of us, painting something too pink or too lilac etc will just offend their male counterpart. We love that Heart Wood Home adds just the right amount of a feminine touch without emasculating a room. It’s a perfect unisex colour for any room. 

Homeware Suggestions To Use With Heart Wood Home

grey glass vase


tibetan sheep skin


pom pom seagrass basket


dulux heart wood home

How To Use It In Your Home

There are so many ways you could do this depending on how bold you wanted to go with it. If you like the colour but don’t want to paint a whole room in it, try up cycling some furniture in the paint to add a touch of it to your space. Or, try painting just the skirting board, some cupboards, a door or a small feature wall. These are all great ways to inject a bit of Heart Wood Home into your space without it dominating the room. If however you’re considering using it in a bold way, why not use it in the bedroom or living room. It’s a warming and cosy tone, which for us feels like the perfect reason to have it in a room where you’re going to be relaxing and lounging. We personally don’t like the idea of it in a kitchen – why? We can’t really pinpoint this but it doesn’t seem right. Do you (dis)agree? 

Colours Pairing Ideas

dulux heart wood home

So what’s your opinion on it all? Will Heart Wood Home be cropping up in your house soon?

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